Technical Information

Our skylights are manufactured from powder coated or primed and painted aluminium or steel support frames glazed with safety glass. We prefer using glass
as opposed to thermal plastics, as glass has better insulation and UV properties than plastic. It is also easier to clean and maintain. Our patented extruded
aluminium profiles are fully custom designed for ourspecific skylight requirements and ensure correct waterproofing details, sufficient condensation outlets
and a decent glazing system.

"We custom-make every skylight. We manufacture, supply and install custom made frames and then flush glaze these on site. We use a world recognized
combination of Norton structural glazing tapes and Dow Corning structural silicone sealants. We are able to cut and polish laminated glass panels to the
required size. We have done some work outside RSA but are mostly active in Gauteng."

With such a wide variety of skylights available, here is some technical information to get you started:

Fixed skylights: These are the original skylights which are designed to allow additional lighting into a room. The styles and dimensions can cover a wide
range from very small to exceptionally large, one layer or two, tinted or non-tinted. These are traditional skylights found on homes needing extra lighting or
perhaps in places where a skylight improves the view.

Single or double pane skylights: Most people go with double pane skylights since the cost for the upgrade is minimal while the insulating effect is much
greater with the double pane skylight.

Triple pane skylights are also available where energy savings are important.

Insulated thermal glass skylights: This also helps retain heat in the winter and keep cooler air in the house during the summer.

Tinted skylights: Are known for repelling UV rays and heat in general.

Here are some examples of skylight shapes: