Radiant Skylights ®

Our skylights are manufactured from powder coated or primed and painted aluminium or steel support
frames glazed with safety glass.  We prefer using glass as opposed to thermal plastics, as glass has better
insulation and UV properties than plastic. It is also easier to clean and maintain.  Our patented extruded
aluminium profiles are fully custom designed for our specific skylight requirements and ensure correct
waterproofing details, sufficient condensation outlets and a decent glazing system.

Our glazing system comprises of fully imported top-of-the-range structural silicone sealants and glazing
tapes.  Our frames are shot blasted to remove any oily residue prior to powder coating or painting.  We
have experienced waterproofing teamsthat can ensure a waterproof and hassle free installation.  If the
detail is correct and the skylights are installed properly, thenthere should be no problems with our skylights.

With the latest fenestration regulations we can also offer double glazed glass panels, with heat reflective
coatings andimproved U values.  With regards to temperature control we recommend cross ventilation to
eliminate excessive heat build-up as opposed to very costly glazing options, with the added benefit of
increasing the internal temperature when required duringthe cold winter months.  In other words we
advocate the use of skylights to manage the internal temperature in your house.

We guarantee our skylights for a period of two years, which is the industry standard.  We are proud of our
track record, and in many instances have attended to minor maintenance issues many years after
completion of the installation, at no charge.  We gain huge goodwill by offering this service, as opposed
to charging a client a call-out fee plus a few minor material costs.

For a professional trouble free skylight installation, give us a try.  We are confident that you will be suitable
impressed withour service and the finished product.